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From: Triffids to Tristania

Triffids - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Born-Sandy-Devotional, Calenture, In the Pines, Live Radio Broadcasts, The Black Swan

Trigon - Albums in database: 17, Next to review: 2. Artrock Festival, 15.6.2003, 2. Artrock festival - Charly edition, 7 steps, Beschraenkte Haftung, Continuum, Das UMO-Mandat, Emergent, Emergent (Bonus Disk), Free Gone, HeiZEN, Herzberg 2004, Live Im Schlachthof Lahr, 16.10.2004, Live im Schlachthof Lahr, 16.10.2004 Remastered, The Moldovan Wedding in Jazz, The PPProbe After, Timis 2. Probe

Trijntje Oosterhuis - Albums in database: 17, Next to review: De Zee, For Once In My Life, For once in my life, Metropole Orchestra, See You as I Do, Strange Fruit, The Look Of Love (Burt Bacharach Songbook), Trijntje Oosterhuis, Vlieg met me mee, What about us

Trilithon - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: 4cast, Children of the future, Choice (5"), Dance Trance 128, Let us dream away, Trance Dance 128

Trille - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Altid Har Jeg Længsel, En lille bunke krummer, Hej søster, Hjemlige Eventyr, The real Trille hits, Trille 1. Sange Fra 6 Lp'er 1975-1988

Trillion - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: At a Lucid End, Clear Approach, The gray between shadow and shade, This World and the Sadvipra Diversion, Trillion

Trilogy - Albums in database: 8, Next to review: Excelsis, Flower Of Hope, Good Time (PROMO), Here It Is, RED LETTER EDITION, Rivers of Living Water, Two Thousand Years of Christmas, Water Brooks

Trilok Gurtu - Albums in database: 24, Next to review: African Fantasy, African Fantasy (Radio Single), Bad Habits Die Hard, Broken Rhythms, Crazy Saints, Kathak, Living Magic, New Morning Jazz Club 14 Nov 02, Remembrance, The Beat of Love, The Glimpse, The Trilok Gurtu Collection, Usfret

Trina - Albums in database: 14, Next to review: Da Baddest B#$@ch, Da Baddest Bitch, Diamond Princess, Feels Good, Glamorest Life, No Panties CDS, Pull Over Remix Single, Seated in Heaven

Trine Rein - Albums in database: 11, Next to review: Beneath My Skin, Beneath my Skin, Finders Keepers, Just missed the train, Just missed the train - Single, The Very Best of Trine Rein, To Find the Truth

Trinere - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Celebrating 10, Forever Yours, Games, Greatest Hits, Trinere Anthology The Complete Hits Collection Disc One, Trinere's In The Hous

Trini Lopez - Albums in database: 71, Next to review: 25th Anniversary Album, 36 All Time Greatest Hits, Disc 3, 36 All-Time Greatest Hits - Disc 2, Album de Oro, Ao vivo outra vez, At PJ's, Best of Trini Lopez, Dance Party, Diamond Star Collection, Freddy Fender, From The Original Master Tapes, Gold, Gold CD2, Greates Hits, Greatest Hits, His Spanish Way, His Very Best, Hit-Medley, Hits And Rarities, If I Had A Hammer - 22 Legendary Hits, If I Had a Hammer, Inolvidables, La Bamba, La Bamba Boy, La bamba, Legends, Les plus beaux succes de Trini Lopez, Les plus beaux succes de Trini Lopez, cd 2, Les plus beaux succès de Trini Lopez, Live, More At PJ's, No, Original Hits, Star Portrait, The Beautiful Best Of Trini Lopez, The Best Of Trini Lopez, The Best Of Trini Lopez America, The Best of, The Best of Trini Lopez, The Great Goldies, The Latin Album, The Very Best Of, The Very Best of Trini Lopez, The best of, The best of Vol 2, The very best of, This Land Is Your Land, Trini Lopez, Trini Lopez - Collection 20 Greatest Hits, Trini Lopez - The Magic Collection

Trinidad - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Apostando Al Amor, Carnival 2001, Vol. 1, Entre Tus Piernas, GUATEQUE DE LOS 70 VOL.2, Music from the North Indian Tradition, Trinidad un tesoro natural

Trinity - Albums in database: 26, Next to review: -demo-, A Good Man is Hard to Find, African Revolution, Annihilation, Bass Rockschool, Demo 2004, Don't B Shy, Everytime We Touch - Maxi CD, Ghetto DeeJay Style, Heartbreak Ridge, Himmlisch irdisch, Into The Blue (Maxi), Like The Sun, Shanty Town Determination, Soul Emergency, Sparkling, TRILLIONS, The Exciting Life, The Truth (CdM), The X-Files, Trinity, Trinity Christmas, Various Artists (Fast Forward), Worship, Æ®¸®´ÏƼ ¾îÄí½ºÆ½ ¿ö½Ê

Trinity Roots - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Home Land and Sea, Home, Land and Sea, Trinity Roots, True

Trio - Albums in database: 34, Next to review: 1981-1985 - 5 Jahre zuviel, Anna - Lassmichrein Lassmichraus, Anthony, Twink Talley & Anthony, Best in English, Best of Trio, Bey Bey, Bum Bum, Bye Bye, Da Da Da, Da Da Da (Promotion Only), Da Da Da (single), Deluxe Edition I, Deluxe Edition II, Die grossen Erfolge, Live '82, Live at Saratoga Performing Arts Center 26-Jun-2005, Live im Musikladen, Live im Onkel Pö, The Best of Trio, Trio, Triologie (The Best Of), Turaluraluralu, Volume 1, Whats the password

Trio Alpin - Albums in database: 8, Next to review: A bisserl G´mütlichkeit, A richtig tolle Musi, Alle wege führ'n zu dir, Das Beste vom Trio Alpin (CD1), Das Beste vom Trio Alpin (CD2), Jingle Bells im Herzen, Nie mehr allein, Zwischen Abenteuer und Liebe

Trio Cristal - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: 'Boleros Eternos', 'Os Mais Lindos Boleros', 20 Preferidas Trio Cristal, As Mais Lindas Guaranias, Boleros e Guarânias

Trio Esperança - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Do Brasil, Do Brazil a capela, Nosso Mundo, Preferidas, Segundo

Trio Eugster - Albums in database: 8, Next to review: 20 Goldene Erfolge, Chämihütte Party, Familie Wachter, Fröhliche Weihnacht, Gold, Grounded PHOENIX 26/26 (das Debakel), Lieder zur andacht, More Trio Eugster Gold

Trio Fontenay - Albums in database: 7, Next to review: Dvorak: Piano Trios, Franz Schubert - CD 1, Franz Schubert - CD 2, Ravel/Debussy/Faure-Piano Trios, Schubert - The Piano Trios (cd2), Schumann: Piano Trios Nos.2&3, Smetana - Chopin: Klaviertrios G-moll

Trio Forrozão - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Agitando a Rapaziada, Na Batida da Zabumba, No Forrobodó, Trio Forrozão

Trio Grande - Albums in database: 9, Next to review: Bagage, Concerto, Nabucodonosor, Phare ouest, Quadro Nuevo remixed, Signé, Silent Night, Sång under segel, Trio Grande Collection

Trio Gust - Albums in database: 7, Next to review: Dernek, Domjenak, Frka, Tarapana, Tulum, Za merak i dusu

Trio Hellenique - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Greek Favorites, Melodies Of Greece 1988, The Best Of The Best, The White Rose of Athens CD 1/3, Zorba's Dance

Trio Hugo Diaz - Albums in database: 9, Next to review: 20 Best Of Classical Tango Argentino, 20 Best of Classical "Tango Argentino", Classical Tango Argentino, Classical Tango Argentino CD2, Homenaje a Carlos Gardel, Tango Argentino, Tango Argentino - Baroque Classics

Trio Irakitan - Albums in database: 16, Next to review: 10 polegadas, 2 Em Um, 20 Boleros Inesquecíveis, 20 Super Sucessos - Trio Irakitan I, 20 super sucessos - Trio Irakitan II, Bis, Bis (2), De Coracao A Coracao, Grandes Músicas e Grandes Músicos, Malaguena, Malaguena - 22 Famous Latin Love Songs, Meus Momentos, Meus Momentos - Trio Irakitan vol. 2, Musicas Que Arrepiam, Os Boleros que Gostamos de Cantar, Sempre Românticos

Trio Kunterbunt - Albums in database: 9, Next to review: Lieder zum Turnen und Toben, Marzipan beim Fahrradfahr'n, Meine Bieber Haben Fieber, Meine Bieber haben Fieber, Märchenschloss, Nils und der Nikolaus, Sternenf nger, Sternenfänger, Tausend Träume (live)

Trio Los Panchos - Albums in database: 40, Next to review: -, 16 Autenticos Exitos, 50 AÑOS, 50 Años Trio Los Panchos Volumen 3, 50 Años Trio Los Panchos Volumen 5, A su Manera, Ayer, Hoy Y Siempre, Baladas de Amor, Champion selection series, Colección de Oro: 15 Exitos, Epoca De Oro, Epoca de Oro - Volumen 2, Exiots de la Epoca de Oro, Exitos De Los Panchos Vol. 3, Exitos de la Epoca de Oro (2), Historia de um Amor, Las Numero 1, Latin American Favourites, Lo Mejor de los Panchos Vol. 1, Los Boleros de Siempre, Los Panchos CD 1, Los Panchos CD 2, Maria Elena Y Otros Exitos, Nuestras Mejores 30 Canciones CD 1, Nuestras Mejores 30 Canciones CD 2, Nuestros Mejores 30 Boleros Vol. 1 CD 2, Recuerdos, Todo Panchos (Disc 1), Todo Panchos (Disc 2), Tributo Al Original, Trio Los Panchos, Trio Los Panchos - 20 Super Sucessos, Triunfamos, Un Minuto De Amor, Wonderful Melodies, Wonderful Melodies [CD1of1]

Trio Matamoros - Albums in database: 12, Next to review: 20 Existos Del Trio Matamoros, Conjunto Matamoros with Beny More, Cuban Originals, El Ultimo Disco, Harlequin HQ CD 69, La Leyenda Matamoros, Los Exitos Originales del Trio Matamoros, Los Trovadores De Oriente, Son De La Loma, The Legendary Trio Matamoros, Trio Matamoros 1928 - 1939, Y Sus Grandes Exitos

Trio Mocotó - Albums in database: 7, Next to review: Beleza! Beleza! Belez, Beleza! Beleza!! Belez, Muita Zorr, Samba Rock, Trio Mocotó

Trio Nordestino - Albums in database: 13, Next to review: 20 Preferidas, 20 Super Sucessos, 20 sucessos - Volume I, 20 sucessos - Volume II, Balanço Bom, Baú do trio Nordestino 2, Báu do Trio Nordestino, Grandes Sucessos Vol. I, Meu eterno xodó, Nós Tudo Junto, Para Sempre, Raízes Nordestinas, Xodó Do Brasil

Trio Pantango - Albums in database: 10, Next to review: Mario Cavallero, Tango Argentino, Tango Argentino - El Motivo, Tango Argentino - El Ultimo Café, Tango Argentino - Libertango, Tango Argentino - Melancólica, Tango Argentino - Melancólio - Disc 2, Tango Argentino Popular, Tango Argentino-El Ultimo Cafe, Tango Argentino: Libertango

Trio Parada Dura - Albums in database: 20, Next to review: Alma Sertaneja, As 20 Mais, Astro Rei, Beco Sem Saída, Blusa Vermelha, Brilhante, Ediçao Especial, Especial, Grandes Sucessos, Pra Furar o Couro, Raizes Sertanejas, Raizes Sertanejas Vol 2, Seleção de Ouro, Sucessos, Tapete Colorido, Trio Parada Dura, Trio Parada Dura - Disco 2, Volume 1, Volume 2

Trio Parnassus - Albums in database: 9, Next to review: Beethoven - Sämtliche Klaviertrios Vol 1, Beethoven - Sämtliche Klaviertrios Vol 3, Beethoven - Sämtliche Klaviertrios Vol 4, Debussy Ravel - Klaviertrios, Johann Nepomuk Hummel - Samtliche Klaviertos - Complete Piano Trios CD1, Philipp Scharwenka - Piano Trios - Cello Sonata, W.A. Mozart - Complete Piano Trios - CD1, W.A. Mozart - Complete Piano Trios - CD2, Woldemar Bargiel - complete piano trios Vol 1

Trio Rococo - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Crystal Bridge, Friends, Norwegian Wood, The Sound of Silence & Good Vibrations

Trio Töykeät - Albums in database: 7, Next to review: High Standards, Klassikot, Kudos, Päivä, Wake

Triology - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Around The World In 77 Minutes, Presence, Triology Plays Ennio Morricone, Who Killed the Viola Player, Who killed the viola player ?

Trios - Albums in database: 9, Next to review: 3er Festival nacional de los mejores trios, Antología Musical, Coleccion Estelar, Coleccion Estelar 2, Coleccion Estelar 3, Epoca de Oro de los Trios Vol.1, México: A Magical Tour, Música Mexicana, The Best Of

Trip - Albums in database: 7, Next to review: 76, Cultural Shift, Dancing about architecture, Naked, The Birth EP, The Dreamtime Remixes

Trip Shakespeare - Albums in database: 7, Next to review: Across the Universe, Are You Shakespearienced?, Epic Renditions, Lulu, Rare B-Sides and Live Tracks, Volt

Triple Darkness - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Cold Blooded(single), Comin Up From Darkness, The Cold Blooded Ep

Triple Eight - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Give Me A Reason, Give Me A Reason (CD1), Give Me A Reason (Single), Good 2 Go, Knockout (Single)

Triple J - Albums in database: 28, Next to review: Earthcore 2: Worlds Discovered, Follow The Sun, Hip Hop Show Compilation - Disc 2, Homebake Volume 4 - CD 1, Hottest 100 (Volume 11 Disc 2), Hottest 100 (Volume 6 Disc 1), Hottest 100 (Volume 7 Disc 2), Hottest 100 3 (1995) (Disc 1), Hottest 100 4 (Disc 1), Hottest 100 5 (Disc 2), Hottest 100 Vol 6 (Disc 2), Hottest 100 Volume 10 (Disc 2), Hottest 100 Volume 12 (Disc 1), Hottest 100 Volume 12 (Disc 2), Hottest 100 Volume 13, Hottest 100 Volume 13 (Disc 2), Hottest 100, Vol 1 (1993) - Disc 2, Hottest Box V3, Like A Version, Live At The Wireless 3, Live at the Wireless 2, Mk Blvd, This Is Twelve [Disc One], This Is Twelve [Disc Two], Triple J Hottest 100 Volume 4, Unearthed 9, What the Lick Read EP, Wow what a rush 2

Triple J Hottest 100 2000 - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Disc 1, Disc 2, Disc 3, Disc 4, Disc 5

Triple X - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Feel The Same, X Files Theme, X-Files Theme, X-Files' Theme

Triplex - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Action ( CD - Single ), Demo 2003, Triplex VS Áðèãàäà, Êàòàïóëüòà, Îñòåðåãàéòåñü ïîääåëî

Tripmag - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Exclusive Summer House Mix By DJ Tvyks, Future Sound Of Roxy (Deep progressive mix DJ Rai - Tech House mix DJ Lucas), Global connection, Radost classics goldies, The sounds of cape town, paris, new york and prague, Trancing

Tripod - Albums in database: 14, Next to review: About an Hour of Song-in-an-hour, About an Hour of Songs-In-An-Hour, Box Set, Data Error Promo, Data error, Déviances, Fegh, Leche, Lèche, Maha, Middleborough Rd, Open Slather - Live April 2000, Open Slather - Special Christmas Edition, Tripod

Tripping Daisy - Albums in database: 21, Next to review: Bill, Daisy Delight, Daisy Delight 2, Daisy Delight 3, Get It On, I Am an Elastic Firecracker, I Go A Girl, I Got A Girl, I got a Girl, In Concert (Westwood One), Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb, Piranha, The Tops Off Our Head, Time Capsule, Tripping Daisy

Triptik - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: #2, Fondations mixé par DJ Pone, L'ébauche, Microphonorama, TR-303

Trish Murphy - Albums in database: 8, Next to review: Captured, Concession Stand Song (single), Crooked Mile, Girls Get in Free, Rubies On The Lawn, Steamboat 2002 Sampler

Trish Thuy Trang - Albums in database: 8, Next to review: Asia 118 - Don't Know Why (1998), I'll Dream of You, Merry Christmas Asia, Siren, The Best of Trish (Disk 1 of 2), The Best of Trish (cd 2 of 2), The Best of Trish No.2 (disc 2)

Trisha Yearwood - Albums in database: 85, Next to review: (Songbook) A Collection Of Hits, (Songbook) A Collection of Hits, (Songbook) A collection of hits, Beautiful You, Coming from jasper county, Discover Card Trisha Yearwood Sampler, Discover Trisha Yearwood, Everybody Knows, From The Touchstone Motion Picture Con Air, Harts Armor & Everybody Knows, Hearts In Armor, Hearts In Armor-1991, Hearts in Armor, Hit Disc, How Do I Live, Inside Out, Jasper County, Jasper County (China Ed.) CD2, On A Bus To St.Cloud, Real Live Woman, Songbook, Songbook (A Collection Of Hits), Songbook (A Collection of Hits), Songbook - A Collection Of Hits, Songbook - A Collection of Hits, Songbook: A Collection of Hits, That's What We Like About Trisha - Live In New York 1993, The Song Remembers When, The Sweetest Gift, There Goes My Baby, Thinkin' About You, Thinkin' About You- bonus disc, Trisha Yearwood, Trisha Yearwood/Thinkin About You/Mixed, Walkaway Joe (cd single), Where Your Road Leads, You can sleep while I drive

Triskell - Albums in database: 10, Next to review: Faoi do Chois, Harpes Celtiques, Harpes celtiques, Lifetime, Never Explain, Rowen Tree, Servat - L'Albatros Fou, Telenn Vor, The Celtic Harp

Trisomie 21 - Albums in database: 23, Next to review: Chapter IV & Wait And Dance remixed, Distant Voices, Final Work, Gohohako, Happy Mystery Child, Joh'burg and two other songs, Million Lights, Plays The Pictures, Quer durch die Bank, Raw Material, Side By Side, The First Songs, The First Songs Vol. I & II, The Official Bootleg, The Songs By T21 Vol:2, The Woman Is A Mix Disc 1, The Woman Is A Mix Disc 2, The man is a mix [Disc 1], The man is in a mix (CD2), Trisomie 21 - shift away - jakarta - ravishing delight, Works, Works In Progress

Tristan Keuris - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Composers' voice highlights, Laudi - Arcade, Orpheus Quartet, To Brooklyn Bridge, Vioolconcert nr.2 - Symfonie in D

Tristan Murail - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Compositeurs d'aujourd'hui, Ensemble Court-Circuit, Gondwana-désintégrations-time and again, Tristan Murail, Winter fragments ...

Tristan Prettyman - Albums in database: 10, Next to review: 1.30.05 @ Lestats Cafe San Diego, The Love EP, Tristan Prettyman, Twenty Three, Twentythree

Tristania - Albums in database: 37, Next to review: Angina, Ashes, Ashes (DigiPack), Beyond the Veil, Midwinterstears/Angina, Midwintertears Angina, Midwintertears/Angina (Re-Edition 2005), Tristania, Widow's Tour, Widow's Weeds, Widow'sweeds, World of Glass