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From: The Heavy's to The Human League

The Heavy's - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Airborne Mix, Majestic Mix, Metal Marathon, Metal Marathon Mix, More Metal Marathon

The Hellacopters - Albums in database: 37, Next to review: Air Raid Serenades, By the Grace of God, Cream Of The Crap! Volume2, Cream of the crap! Volume1, Crimson Ballroom, Disappointment Blues, Everything's On TV, Geekstreak, Gluecifer, Grande Rock, High Visibility, I'm In The Band, Move Right Out Of Here, No song unheard, Payin' The Dues, Payin' The Dues & High Visibility, Payin' The Dues (Disc 1), Payin' The Dues (Disc 2), Payin' the Dues, Rock & Roll Is Dead, Rock'n'Roll Is Dead, Strikes Like Lightning, Strikes like lightning 2004, Super Shity To The Max, Supershitty to the Max

The Hellecasters - Albums in database: 9, Next to review: Escape From Hollywood, Essential Listening Volume 1, Hell III-New Axes To Grind, The Return of the Hellecasters

The Henrys - Albums in database: 7, Next to review: Chasing Grace, Desert Cure, Joyous Porous, Puerto Angel, She's My Hallelujah, Sum Of Us

The Hentchmen - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: ...ultra hentch, Broad Appeal, Campus Party, FormFollowsFunction, Three Times Infinity

The Hep Stars - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Cadillac Madness - 40 Years - 40 Hits - 1964-2004 (Disc1), Cadillac Madness - 40 Years - 40 Hits - 1964-2004 (Disc2), Cadillac madness, The Hep Stars, We And Our Cadillac

The Heptones - Albums in database: 35, Next to review: 20 Golden Hits, Changing Times, Come Rain Come Shine, Cool Rasta, Deep in the Roots, Dub Dictionary, Fattie Fattie, Good Vibes, Heptones Dictionary, Journey, King Of My Town, Live Around The World (CD 1), Night Food, Nightfood ina Party Time, Observer's Style, On Top, Party Time, Peace & Harmony The Trojan Anthology, Peace and Harmony - Anthology (Disc 1), Pressure, Reggae Best, Sea of Love, The Meaning of Life, They Came, They Sat, They Recorded and They Conquered, They Came, They Saw, They Recorded, and They Conquered, Ting A Ling (1-12) Meaning Of Life (13-26), Totally Hep - The Best of, University of Dub, Unreleased Night Food & Rare Black Ark Sessions, Wonderful World With The Heptones

The Heralds - Albums in database: 24, Next to review: 70th Anniversary, Be Still My Soul, Behold The Lamb, Celebrate, Christmas, Don't Give U, En la Mansión gloriosa, Favorites, For All Us Kids, Get On Board, Git On Board, Higher Ground, Honor The Lord, I Need Thee Every Hour, Morning Has Broken, Our Brand Of Country, Revival Southern Style, The Way We Were, Try A Little Kindness

The Herbaliser - Albums in database: 24, Next to review: 8 Point Agenda (We Believe), Blow Your Headphones, Good Girl Gone Bad, Herbal Blend, New + Improved/Theme From Control Centre, Ninja Tunes presents The Herbaliser, Remedies, Solid Steel Presents Herbal Blend, Solid Steel Presents The Herbaliser "Herbal Blend", Something Wicked, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Take London, Take London (Disc 2), The Missing Suitcase, Time to Build, Very Mercenary, Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks

The Herd - Albums in database: 14, Next to review: An Elefant Never Forgets, Anthology, From The Underworld, I Can Fly: The Very Best Of, I can fly, Paradise & Underworld, Paradise In The Underworld, Single Classic, The Mercury Sessions, The Sun Never Sets, Underworld- Disc 1, Underworld- Disc 2

The Hi-Lo's - Albums in database: 14, Next to review: A Musical Thrill, A Musical Thrill (CD2 of 2), And All That Jazz, Cherries and Other Delightrs, Clap Yo' Hands, Love Nest, Now Hear This, Suddenly It's the Hi-Lo's, The Columbia Years, The Hi-Lo's Liste, This Time Iit's Love, Together Wherever We Go, Two Originals (Back Again, The Hi-Lo's Now), Under Glass

The Hidden Cameras - Albums in database: 8, Next to review: Ban Marriage, Missisauga Goddam, Mississauga Goddam, Play, Play the CBC Sessions, The Smell of Our Own

The High - Albums in database: 9, Next to review: Better Left Untold, Box Set Go, Some Where Soon, Somewhere Soon, Take Your Time, The Best Of, Up And Down

The High Fidelity - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: 2Up, Demonstration, Reference CD No. 33, The Omnichord Album, Unsorry EP

The High Llamas - Albums in database: 25, Next to review: Apricots, Beet Maize & Corn, Beet, Maize & Corn, Buzzle Bee, Checking in, Checking out, Cold & Bouncy, Cold and Bouncy, Gideon Gaye, Hawaii, Hawaii (Bonus CD), Lollo Rosso, Nomads CDS, Rarities & Instrumentals, Retrospective, Santa Barbara, Snowbug, The High Llamas, The Sun Beats Down (Maxi)

The High-Lows - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Happy Go Lucky (Single), パームクーヘン, フォーバイファイブ, ミサイルマン, 相談天国, 胸がドキドキ/そばにいるから

The Higher Intelligence Agency - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Colourform, Freefloater

The Highwaymen - Albums in database: 11, Next to review: Highwayman, Highwayman Super Hits, Live at The Greek Theater, Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore: The Best Of The Highwaymen (EMI Legendary Masters Series), Standing Room Onl, The Highwaymen In Concert, The Highwaymen Ride Again (The Last Cowboy Song), The Highwaymen and Standing Room Only, The Road Goes on Forever

The Hilliard Ensemble - Albums in database: 31, Next to review: Antoine Brumel, Byrd Masses, Lamentations, Motets (Disc 1), Byrd Masses, Lamentations, Motets (Disc 2), Cipriano de Rore: Le Vergine, Codex Speciálník, Dufay, Dufay - Missa 'L'homme armé', Motets, English and Italian Renaissance Madrigals II, For Ockeghem, Heinrich Isaac: Geistliche & Weltliche Werke, In Paradisum - Music of Victoria and Palestrina, Introitus, Johannes Ockeghem: Requiem (Missa pro defunctis) - Missa Mi-mi (Missa quarti toni), John Dowland: Ayres, Josquin - Motets & Chansons, Josquin: Missa Hercules Dux Ferrariae - motets, Motets - Guillaume de Machaut, Music for Henry VIII, Nicolas Gombert - Missa Media Vita In Morte Sumus, Officium Garbarek, Orlando De Lassus - Psalmi Davidis Poenitentiales, Perotin, Perotin and the Ars Antiqua, Psalmi Davidis poenitentiales - Busspsalmen Disk 1; Orlande de Lassus, Psalmi Davidis poenitentiales - Busspsalmen Disk 2; Orlande de Lassus, Songs and Catches, Sweet love, sweet hope, The Romantic Englishman, Thy Kiss Of A Divine Nature - The Contemporary Perotin, William Byrd - Songs of Sundrie natures

The Hippos - Albums in database: 7, Next to review: Forget the World, Heads Are Gonna Roll, The Hippos, Wasting My Life SIngle

The Hit Crew - Albums in database: 24, Next to review: 30 Greatest #1 Hits Disc 1, 30 Greatest #1 Hits Disc 2, 30 Greatest 1 Hit Wonders Disc 1, 30 Greatest 1 Hit Wonders Disc 2, 30 Greatest Race Track Classics (Disc 2), 30 Greatest Wedding Songs - Disc 2, As Seen on T.V. Halloween Specials, Drew's Famous Grad Hits, Drew's Famous Kids Pop Hits, Drew's Famous Pub Hits, Easter Bunny's Favorite Songs, Halloween Party Music DJ's Choice, Headbanger Halloween, Heavy Halloween, Hero (Honoring America's Bravest), IPpop, Kids Christmas Cartoon Favorites, Kids For Peace, Kids Sports Party Music, Kids' Nursery Rhymes, Learning Songs, Santa Paws, Saturday Morning Cartoon Favorites, Sounds of the Hawaiian Islands

The Hit Parade - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Hit Parade, Light Music, More Pop Songs, Sixteen Weeks, The sound of The Hit Parade, With love from...

The Hives - Albums in database: 52, Next to review: A.k.a I-D-I-O-T, Aka I-D-I-O-T, All, Barely Legal, Barely Legal + Vendi Vidi Vicious, Barely Legal + Veni Vidi Vicious, Breaking Out In Toronto, Hate To Say I Told You So, Hate To Say I Told You So (Single), Hate to Say I Told You So, Live Sweden 2001 (Hownlin' To The World), Main Offender, Oh Lord! When? How?, Oh lord ! when ? how ?, Storsjöyran 2001, Tussles In Brussels, Tussles In Brussels - EP, Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones CDS, Tyrannosaurus Hives, Tyrannosaurus LIVE - Berlin 14/10/2004, Veni Vide Vicous, Veni Vidi Vicious, Veni, Vidi, Vicious, Venividivicious, Walk Idiot Walk, Your New Favorite Band, Your New Favourite Band

The Hoax - Albums in database: 7, Next to review: Bremen 1999 1, Bremen 1999 2, Humdinger, Live Forever, Sound Like This, This Slap's The First, Unpossible

The Hollies - Albums in database: 137, Next to review: "What goes around...", 1964 -1987, 20 Classic Tracks, 20 Golden Greats, 20 Great Love Songs, 20 Years, 30th Anniversary Collection 1963-1993 (Disc 2), 30th Anniversary Collection 1963-1993 (Disc Two), 30th Anniversary Collection: 1963-1993 (Disc One), 5317704, 60ies 2 on 1, A Crazy Steal, A's B's & EP's, A's B's And EP's, All The Hits And More (Disc 1), All The Hits And More (Disc 2), All-Time Greatest Hits, Another Night (1975) & Write On (1976), Another Night (Bonus), At Abbey Road 1966-1970, Best of the 60's, Best of the 70's, Blowin' in the wind, Butterfly, Butterfly (P) 1967, Classic Masters, Collection Vol 2, Distant Light, Epic Anthology, Epic Anthology: From The Original Master Tapes, Evolution, Evolution (1967) - Confessions Of The Mind (1970), For Certain Because, For Certain Because..., French 60 ´ S EP Collection Volume 2, French 60's SP Collection vol.3, Golden Greats, Greatest Hits, Greatest Hits (Diamond Collection), Greatest Hits - CD 2, Greatest Hits CD1, Greatest Hits CD2, He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother, Hear! Her, Hollies Live, Hollies Sing Dylan, Hollies Sing Dylan (1969), In The Hollies Style, In The Hollies Style (1964) & For Certain Because... [Stereo] (1966), In The Hollies Style [Remastered]

The Hollow Men - Albums in database: 7, Next to review: Cresta, Mourning, November Comes (Single), Pink Panther, Twisted

The Hollyridge Strings - Albums in database: 7, Next to review: Memories Of The Beach Boys, The Beatles Song Book (Disc 1), The Beatles Song Book (Disc 2), The Beatles Songbook (Disc 1), The Beatles Songbook (Disc 2), The Beatles Songbook (Disc 3), The Best Of The Beatles Song Book

The Hollywood Edge - Albums in database: 22, Next to review: ANIMAL TRAX - AT3 - CARNIVOROUS MAMMALS, Animal Trax 1, Evil FX, Evil FX CD1, Evil FX CD2, Evil FX CD3, Evil FX CD4, FSL 01 - Impacts 1, Foley Sound Library - Fights 1, Foley Sound Library - Miscellaneous 1, Foley Sound Library: Impacts 2, Laughs, Cheers & Applause - LCA-1, Laughs, Cheers & Applause - LCA-2, Nature Ambiences CD PE 01, Premiere Edition 4, Premiere Edition Disk 10, Fights, Bodyfalls, Cracks, Whips, Premiere Edition Disk 14, Crowds, Kids, Babies, Heartbeats, Premiere Edition Disk 15, Interior Crowds And Ambiences, The Edge Volume II, The Off Stage Set - 5 - Traffic/ Misc, The Off Stage Set - Next Door Neighbors, The Premier Edition 3 - Plops, Squishes & Impacts PE35

The Hollywood Film Festival Ochestra - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: An Evening At The Musical - Vol.1, The Wonderfull World of Musical (CD1), The Wonderfull World of Musical (CD2), The Wonderfull World of Musical (CD3), The Wonderfull World of Musical (CD5)

The Hollywood Film Festival Orchestra - Albums in database: 9, Next to review: Casablanca - Classic Movie Themes, Erotic Movie Themes, Golden Highlights - Action Movies, Golden Highlights - Adventure Movies, Golden Highlights: from the greatest movies of the world - Science Fiction Movies, Golden Highlights: from the greatest movies of the world - Suspense movies, Golden Highlights: from the greatest movies of the world - Thrillers, LovesongsFromTheMovies, Western Movie Themes

The Hollywood Studio Orchestra - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: 18 Famous Film & Tv Themes, Grandes Trilhas Sonoras do Cinema, National Anthems, The James Bond Themes, The Music Of Ennio Morricone - CD 2, Western Movie Themes

The Holmes Brothers - Albums in database: 7, Next to review: Jubilation, Lotto Land, Promised Land, Righteous! The Essential Collection, Simple Truths, Soul Street

The Holy Bible - Albums in database: 77, Next to review: New Testament - Vol 01, New Testament - Vol 02, New Testament - Vol 03, New Testament - Vol 04, New Testament - Vol 05, New Testament - Vol 06, New Testament - Vol 07, New Testament - Vol 08, New Testament - Vol 09, New Testament - Vol 10, New Testament - Vol 11, New Testament - Vol 12, New Testament - Vol 13, New Testament - Vol 14, New Testament - Vol 51, Old Testament, Old Testament - 14, Old Testament - 15, Old Testament - 16, Old Testament - Vol 01, Old Testament - Vol 02, Old Testament - Vol 03, Old Testament - Vol 04, Old Testament - Vol 05, Old Testament - Vol 06, Old Testament - Vol 07, Old Testament - Vol 08, Old Testament - Vol 09, Old Testament - Vol 10, Old Testament - Vol 11, Old Testament - Vol 12, Old Testament - Vol 13, Old Testament - Vol 15, Old Testament - Vol 16, Old Testament - Vol 17, Old Testament - Vol 18, Old Testament - Vol 19, Old Testament - Vol 20, Old Testament - Vol 21, Old Testament - Vol 22, Old Testament - Vol 23, Old Testament - Vol 24, Old Testament - Vol 25, Old Testament - Vol 26, Old Testament - Vol 27, Old Testament - Vol 28, Old Testament - Vol 29, Old Testament - Vol 30, Old Testament - Vol 31, Old Testament - Vol 32

The Holy Ghost - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Broken Record, Color Sympathy, Megawatt Messiah, Welcome to Ignore US, Well...Get Your Funeral Shoes

The Holy Modal Rounders - Albums in database: 7, Next to review: Alleged In Their Own Time, Bird Song - Live 1971, Good Taste Is Timeless, I make a Wish for a Potato, Last Round, The Holy Modal Rounders, The Moray Eels Eat the Holy Modal Rounders

The Holy Quran - Albums in database: 34, Next to review: CD 01, CD 04, CD 05, CD 07, CD 09, CD 10, CD 11, CD 12, CD 13, CD 14, CD 15, CD 2, CD 21, CD 22, CD 23, CD1, CD16, CD17, CD18, CD19, CD20, CD24, CD26, CD27, CD28, CD29, CD30, CD31, CD32, CD33, CD34, CD35, CD36, CD37

The Homestead Pickers - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Can You Hear Me, Now?, Homeschooler's Folksong Collection CD 2, Homeschooler's Folksong Collection, Disc 1, It's Alive, It's Alive Volume 2, Outta Dough

The Hometown Boys - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: 20 Golden Hits, Como Nunca, Dos Cosas, Eres Mia, Mire Amigo

The Homosexuals - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Astral Glamor, Astral Glamor Disc 2, Astral Glamour (Disc 2), Astral Glamour (Disc 3), The Homosexuals' Cd

The Honeydogs - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Amygdala, Everything, I Bet You, Here's Luck, Island of Misfits, Seen a Ghost, The Honeydogs

The Honeydrippers - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Volume One, Volume Two

The Hooley Dooleys - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Keep on Dancing, Oopsadazee, Ready, Set...G, Splash, The Hooley Dooleys

The Hooligans - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Another Fine Mess, Houses of The Hooley, Last Call, Meet the Hooligans, Upstairs @ Lamberti's

The Hooters - Albums in database: 26, Next to review: Boys Will Be Boys, Definitive Collection, H (Live), Hooterization: A Retrospective, Hooterization: A retrospective, Hooters, Hooters best, Johnny B, Live, Live on the King Biscuit Flour Hour - 1987, One Way Home, Out of Body, Private Emotion (Single), Satellite, Simply the best, Star Box, Super Hits, The Best Of, The Hooters Collection, The Hooters Live, The Hooters live, Twenty five hours a day, Where Do The Children Go, Zig-Zag

The Hope Conspiracy - Albums in database: 8, Next to review: Cold Blue, Death Knows Your Name, Endnote, File 03, Hang Your Cross, The Hope Conspiracy

The Hoppers - Albums in database: 14, Next to review: Anchor To The Power Of The Cross, Classics Live in Greenville, Forever Settled, Generations, Great Day, Joy for the Journey, On These Grounds & Smoke Of The Battle, One Foundation, One More Time, Shoutin' Time, Southern Gospel: Mixed Groups, Steppin' Out

The Horace Silver Quintet - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: DOIN' THE THING, Doin' The Thing, Silver's Blue, Silver's Serenade, The Natives are Restless Tonight

The Horse Flies - Albums in database: 9, Next to review: A Stranger in the Kingdom, Gravity Dance, Human Fly, In The Dance Tent, Sampler, The Horse Flies, Two Traditions (Balaphon, Banjo, Fiddle, andDrum)

The Hot Club of San Francisco - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Claire de Lune, Live MCMVC, Swing This, The Lady in Red, Veronica

The Hot Puppies - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: All Washed Up EP, Dawn Of Man CDS, Terry, The Drowsing Nymph, Under The Crooked Moon

The Hotknives - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Home, Live 'N' Skankin', Screams, Dreams and Custard Creams, The Way Things Are

The Houdini's - Albums in database: 8, Next to review: Chasin' the General, Cooee, Kickin' In The Frontwindow, Live at Paradox, No More Yesterdays, Stripped to the Bone, The Best Of The Houdini's (Live at Kiama Jazz Festival Australia), The Houdini's in New York Headlines

The Houghton Weavers - Albums in database: 11, Next to review: 1979 - In Concert, 30th Anniversary Collection, Blackpool Belle, Collection Vol. 1, Come Landlord, On The Road, The Best of The Houghton Weavers, The Houghton Weavers, The Houghton Weavers In Concert, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, When Granny Sang Me Songs

The House Band - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Another Setting, Groundwork, October Song, Rockall, Stonetown, Word of Mouth

The House Jacks - Albums in database: 8, Next to review: Drive, Fitchy & Grikko, Funkwich, Get Down Mr. President, Naked Funk, Naked Noise, Unbroken

The House Of Love - Albums in database: 17, Next to review: Audience With The Mind, Babe Rainbow, Best Of, Days Run Away, Feel, I Don't Know Why I Love You EP, Never, Purple Killer Rose, Shine On, The Beatles And The Stones, The Black Session & More, The Fontana Years (disc 2), The House Of Love, The House Of Love (cd single)

The House of Love - Albums in database: 14, Next to review: A Spy In The House Of Love, Beatles and the Stones, Beatles and the Stones (CD bonus), Christine, Christine (CRE SCD053), Destroy The Heart EP, Feel (Ltd Edition), Peel Sessions, The Beatles and the Stones, The Complete John Peel Sessions - CD1, The Complete John Peel Sessions - CD2, The House of Love, The House of Love [German Rough Trade], You Don't Understand

The Housemartins - Albums in database: 29, Next to review: B-Sides, Build, Glasto & London - 1986, Greatest Hits, Live at the BBC, London 0 Hull 4, Now That's What I Call Quite Good, Raise the Flag, The Best of the Housemartins, The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death, There Is Always Something There To Remind Me

The Hub - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Complex Circuitry, Live at Gugalander, The Hub, Trucker, Vandalism

The Human League - Albums in database: 47, Next to review: 1982.06.05 Osaka, Crash, Dar, Dare, Don't You Want Me (Remixes), Don't You Want Me Remixes, Electronically Yours...The Human League Sampler, Fascinatio, Filling Up With Heaven, Filling Up With Heaven CD 1, Filling Up With Heaven CD2, Greatest Hits, Heart Like A Wheel, Hysteria, Love Is All That Matters [CDS], Octopus, Octupus, One Man In My Heart, One Man In My Heart (UK Version, Disc2), Original Remixes & Rarities, Reproduction, Romantic, Soundtrack to a Generation, Stay With Me Tonight, Tell Me When, Tell Me When (CD 2), Tell Me When (US Version), Tell Me When [CD Single], The Best Of, The Human League - Tell Me When [MCD], The Very Best Of, The Very Best of Human League (Bonus CD), The Very Best of the Human League, Travelogue