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From: The Underwolves to The Wanderers

The Underwolves - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Under The Sky, Under Your Sky, Under Your Sky Remixes

The Unfinished Sympathy - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: An investment in logistics, Rock for Food, St, The Loveless Curse, We push you pull

The Unicorns - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: All Parts And Collission, DayWahDayWah, The Unicorns: 2014, Unicorns Are People Too, Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?

The Uninvited - Albums in database: 7, Next to review: 13 Ways To Feel The Love, Artificial Hip, It's All Good, Malltopia, Pop This, Teenage Dance Party, The Uninvited

The Union Underground - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: ...An Education In Rebellion, An Education In Rebellion, An Education in Rebellion

The United States Air Force Band - Albums in database: 8, Next to review: A Fresh Air Force Christmas, Celebration, Christmas In Washington, Evolution, Imagine the Possibilities, Songs Of The Earth, Wintertime, Your Nations Air Force

The United States Army Field Band - Albums in database: 7, Next to review: A Musical Tribute In Commemeration of World War II, In My Dream, Legacy, Let Freedom Ring, Let There Be Peace On Earth, The Legacy of Aaron Copland

The Unity Mixers - Albums in database: 15, Next to review: Dance Computer 1993 part one, Dance Computer 3, Dance Computer 4, Dance Computer 95 (Vol 2), Dance Computer 95 part 1, Dance Computer 96 Vol.1, ElectroSound MegaMix Take 5, Electrosound Megamix Take 4, Techno Computer 2, Techno Computer 4, Techno Computer 97, Unity Mix 13 (Maxi), Unity Mix 4 (Maxi), Unity Mix 5 (Maxi), Unity Mix 6

The Unknown - Albums in database: 10, Next to review: Change, Channel-X, Death's Birth: The Grip Of Behemoths + Blowgun CD Single, Pop Art, Radio Lied To Me, Rocket Pop, Still Unknown, The Real Thing, The Wims Online Soundtrack, 「July」の世界 音楽集

The Unseen - Albums in database: 9, Next to review: Complete Singles Collection 1994-2000, DRAPETOMANIA, Explode, Lower Class Crucifixion, So This Is Freedom, So This Is Freedom?, State Of Discontents, State of Discontents

The Untouchables - Albums in database: 10, Next to review: A Decade of Dance - Liv, A Decade of Dance Live, Agent Double O Soul, Cool Beginnings: Rare & Unreleased 1981-1983, Free Yourself, Greatest and Latest:Ghetto Stout, Hats on Fire, Killing Waters, Wild Child, Wild Child Plus Extra Tracks

The Upsetters - Albums in database: 14, Next to review: Blackboard Jungle Dub, Return of Django, Return of Django: The Best of the Upsetters, Return of the Super Ape, Scratch-The Upsetter Again, Sellin' voodoo, Super Ape, The Complete UK Upsetter Singles, Vol. 4 (Disc 2), The Good, the Bad and the Upsetters, The Return of Django, The Upsetters, Upsetters a Go Go

The Urge - Albums in database: 17, Next to review: Fat Babies in the Mix, Magically Delicious, Master of Styles, Putting The Backbone Back, Rare And Out Of Print, Receiving the Gift of Flavor, The Urge, The Urge Presents Disc 1, The Urge Presents Disc 2, Too Much Stereo

The Used - Albums in database: 29, Next to review: A Box Full Of Sharp Objects, I Caught Fire, In Love and Death, Maybe Memories, Rockish Used, Self Titled, Self-titled, The Taste Of Ink, The Used

The Valentinos - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: "Do It Right", Damn & Damn Again, The Valentinos, Treasure Chest

The Vandals - Albums in database: 34, Next to review: BEST OF THE VANDALS, Christmas With The Vandals, Fear of a Punk Planet, Hitler Bad, Vandals Good, Hollywood Potato Chip, Internet Dating Super Studs, Internet Dating Super Studs - Advanced Copy, Internet Dating Superstuds, Live At The House Of Blues, Live Fast Diarrhea, Live On KFPK -, Live at the House of Blues, Look What I Almost Stepped In, Look What I Almost Stepped In..., Look what i almost stepped in..., Oi To The World, Oi! To The World (Christmas With The Vandals), Peace Thru Vandalism, Play Really Bad Original Country Tunes, Quickening, Slippery When Ill, Sweatin' to the Oldies, The Quickening, The Vandals (live), The Vandals Shingo Japanese Remix Album

The Vandermark 5 - Albums in database: 9, Next to review: Acoustic Machine, Burn The Incline, Free Jazz Classics Vol 2, Free Jazz Classics Vol. 1, Simpatico, Single Piece Flow, Six For Rollins, The Color Of Memory - disc 1 of 2, The Color Of Memory - disc 2 of 2

The Vanguards - Albums in database: 8, Next to review: Beat On The Rocks 1964-1968, Girls in Slacks, Hey Good Looking, Hope and Schemes, The Best Of, Twan, Vanguards Special (disc 1), Vanguards Special (disc 2)

The Vapors - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Anthology, Best Of, Magnets, New Clear Days, Turning Japanese - The Best Of The Vapors, Vaporized

The Varukers - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Deadly Games (The History), Live In Leeds, Still bollocks but still here, The Riot City Years '83-'84, Vintage Varukers - Rare And Unreleased

The Veils - Albums in database: 11, Next to review: Death & Co (Promo), Guiding Light, Lavinia, Nux Vomica, The Leavers Dance, The Runaway Found, The Runnaway Found, The Tide That Left and Never Came Back, The Wild Son

The Velvet Teen - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Cum Laude, Elysium, Out of the Fierce Parade, Secrets Safe, A Buried Box, The Great Beast February/ Comasynthesis

The Velvet Underground - Albums in database: 101, Next to review: 1969 · Velvet Underground Live · Volume 2, 1969: Velvet Underground Live, Vol. 2, A Walk With The Velvet Underground 1 of 5, A Walk with the Velvet Underground 2 of 5, A Young Person's Guide To Velvet Underground, An Introduction to the Velvet Underground, Another View, Back To Vengeance, Best Collection, Bootleg Series Volume 1: The Quine Tapes - disc three, Bootleg Series Volume 1: The Quine Tapes - disc two, Bootleg Series volume 1: The Quine Tapes - disc one, Caught Between the Twisted Stars - Disc 1 - Exploding Plastic Inevitable b/w Poor Richard's, Chronicles, Concrete Dreams, Down For You Is Up, Everything You've Ever Heard About...(disc 1), Everything You've Ever Heard About...(disc 2), Gold (CD2), Hilltop Festival 8-2-1969, Ice Mix: The Velvet Underground, La Cave 1968, Live In Hamburg (11.66.1993) (Disc 2), Live MCMXCIII, Live MCMXCIII Disk One, Live MCMXCIII Disk Two, Live at Max's Kansas City, Loaded, Loaded (Fully Loaded Edition) (CD #01), Loaded (Fully Loaded Edition) (CD #02), Loaded [Fully Loaded Edition] (Disc 1), Move Back! (2006 remaster) disc 1, Move Back! (2006 remastered) bonus disc, Move Back! (2006 remastered) disc 2, PEEL SLOWLY AND SEE (Disc 4), Peel Slowly And See (CD5), Peel Slowly And See (disc 5), Peel Slowly And See Disc 4: Velvet Underground, Peel Slowly And See [Disc 4], Peel Slowly and See (disc 5), Searchin' For My Mainline (CD 1), Searchin' For My Mainline (CD 2), Searchin' For My Mainline (CD 3), Selections From Peel Slowly And See, Summer 1970 Max's Rehearsals, Take A Trip (CD #01), The 'Great Lost Velvet Underground Album', The Best Of Yesteyear, The Best of Lou Reed&The Velvet Underground '99, The Best of the Velvet Underground

The Ventilators - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Blue Beat Train, Comin' Back To You, Golden Love, Orange Flowers, Pearls

The Ventures - Albums in database: 216, Next to review: 'Wipeout' And Other Classics, (The) Ventures In Space, 15 Golden Hits, 16 Greatest Hits, 20 Rock'n'roll Hits, 30 Golden Hits, 50 Numbers Vol 2, 50 numbers Vol 1, 60's Rockin' Christmas, A Go Go, A go go, Alive Five-0, Another Smash, Another Smash /The Ventures, Another smash, Apache, Batman Theme, Batman Theme & Go with the Ventures, Beat Guitar Genius, Best Hit Collection 27, Best Hit Selection - Disc 1, Best Hit Selection - Disc 2, Best Hit Selection Disc 3, Best Hits, Best Now, Best Of Pops Sound /Go With The Ventures, Best Selection, Best Selection, Part 2, Best of the Ventures, Champion Selection Series, Christmas Joy, Christmas with The Ventures, Collection, Country Classics, Cult! The Ventures, Diamond Head, Disc 1, Disc 2, EP Collection, The, Exitos de coleccion, Favorites, Flights of Fantasy, Flyin' High, GREATEST HITS, Go With The Ventures and Batman Theme 2in1, Going To The Ventures Dance Party, Gold, Golden Hits, Greatest Hits, Greatest Hits The Ventures

The Verlaines - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Bird Dog, Hallelujah All the Way Home, Ready to Fly, Ready to fly (R1 Demos), You're Just Too Obscure For Me . . .

The Veronicas - Albums in database: 8, Next to review: 4ever, 4ever - Promotional Remixes, Everything I'm Not (Promo) [US], The Secret Life Of ..., The Secret Life Of..., When It All Falls Apart, When It All Falls Apart (promo)

The Verve - Albums in database: 95, Next to review: 2 Titres, 7th Street Entry (Live 30-10-1993), A Northern Soul, A Storm in Heaven, Bitter Sweet, Bitter Sweet Symphony, Bitter Sweet Symphony (disc 1), Bitter Sweet Symphony (disc 2), Bitter Sweet Symphony [Maxi CD], Brixton Symphony '98, Eiskalte Engel, Greatest Hits'99, History (disc 1), History (disc 2), Lucky Man ( Single), Lucky Man (CD1), Lucky Man (CD2), No Come Down (B Sides & Outtakes), On Your Own, Pinkpop People, San Francisco Slim's CA (Live 30-06-1994), Slide Away, Sonnet, The Best Of, The Black Sessions, The Dangerous Sessions, The Drugs Don't Work, The Drugs Don't Work (Single), The Drugs Don't Work (disc 1), The Drugs don't Work?, The Singles, The Verve, The Verve E.P., This Is Music, This Is Music (The Singles 92-98), This Is Music: The Singles 92-98, This is Music - The singles 92-98, This is Music- The Singles 92-98, Unplugged & Electrified, Urban Hymes, Urban Hymns, Verve Hits 99, Voyager 1

The Verve Pipe - Albums in database: 14, Next to review: 85 on 31, Hero (Single), I've Suffered a Head Injury, Pop Smear, The Best Of, The Freshmen, The Freshmen - Single, The Verve Pipe, Underneath, Villains

The Veterinary Street Jazz Band - Albums in database: 10, Next to review: 15 Jahre im Wirtshaus zum Isartal, 15 Years Later, 5. Dixieland Jubilee 2001, Do Something, Dreaming the Hours away, Everybody Stom, IAA '97 Limited Edition, Live aus der Philharmonie im Gasteig, Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On, Roll on, Mississippi, roll on

The Vibrations - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Great Soul Hits, Out Of Sight!! The Checker Years (Disc 1), Out Of Sight!! The Checker Years (Disc 2), The Very Best of the Vibrations

The Vibrators - Albums in database: 31, Next to review: 1976-77 The Demos, Buzzin', Fifth Amendment, French Lessons With Correctio, Guilty & Alaska 127, Halfway To Paradise, Hunting for You, Live At The Marquee '77, Live at the Marquee '77, Meltdown, Meltdown & Vicious Circle, Punk: The early Years, Pure Mania, Pure Mania +v2, Pure Mania +v2 (CD2), Recharged, THE BEST OF : 25 YEARS OF PURE MANIA - CD1, THE BEST OF : 25 YEARS OF PURE MANIA - CD2 Live at theMarquee, The BBC Punk Sessions, The Independent Punk Singles Collection, The Power Of Money, Troops Of Tomorrow {CDS}, Unpunked (acoustic Compilation), V2, Volume 10 Unpunked, Volume Ten, Yeah Yeah Yeah

The Viceroys - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: At Studio One, Inna de Yard, Slogan On The Wall, The Viceroys at Granny's Pad, We must unite, Ya Ho

The Victor Silvester Orchestra - Albums in database: 9, Next to review: STRICTLY BALLROOM, Strict Tempo Dancing, Strict Tempo Dancing Disc 1, Strict Tempo Dancing Disc 2, Strict Tempo Dancing Disc 3, Strict Tempo Dancing Vol 6

The Vienna Choir Boys - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Christmas With The Vienna Choir Boys And Hermann Prey, Placido Domingo, Johann Strauss Waltzes & Polkas, Johann Strauss Waltzes and Polkas, Mozart,bach, Popular Songs and Duets by Great Masters

The Vienna Symphonic Orchestra - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Classical Christmas, VSOP, We Will Rock You - Disc 4 - The Power Of Rock, We will rock you - Symphonic Rock -Disc 1, Welcome to Classical Rock

The Vindictives - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Curious Oddities And The Bare Essentials, Hypno-Punko, Leave Home, Original Masters (1990-1992), Party Time for Assholes, The Many Moods of The Vindictives

The Vines - Albums in database: 43, Next to review: Compilation, Get Free College EP, Get Free Single, Highly Evolved, Homesick, Homesick (Single version Four), Live@Bourges04/24/2004, Outta The Way, Outtathaway, Ride [Single], Ride [UK 2-Track CD Single], Spin Sampler, The Vines, The Vines - 5 Track Demo CD, Vision Valley, Winning Days

The Violet Burning - Albums in database: 13, Next to review: Chosen, Distortion is our Friend, Drop-dead, Faith and Devotions of a Satelite Heart, Faith and Devotions of a Satellite Heart, I Am A Stranger In This Place - An Experiment In Vibe, I am a stranger in this place, Strength, The Violet Burning, The Violet Underground Volume 4, This Is the Moment, Violet Underground Volume 2

The Vision - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Dub Light, Mental Healing, Namas Te, Politoxicomania, Waveform Transmission Vol.2

The Vision Bleak - Albums in database: 7, Next to review: Carpathia - A Dramatic Poem (Luxus Edition) [CD1], Carpathia - A Dramatic Poem (Luxus Edition)[CD2], Demo, The Deathship Has a New Captain, The Deathship Serenades (The Deathship Has A New Captain CD II)

The Vision Mastermixers - Albums in database: 9, Next to review: Disco Mixes, Essential Mixes, Frozen Mix, Immaculate Mixes, In The Mix, Rock 'n' Roll Megamix

The Vocal Majority - Albums in database: 12, Next to review: 20th Century Collection, 20th Century Collection - Disk 4, 20th Century Collection - Disk 5, 20th Century Collection - Disk 7, 20th Century Collection - Disk 8, Alleluia, Best of the Early Years, The Music Never Ends, The Secret of Christmas, The Vocal Majority with Strings, White Christmas

The Vogues - Albums in database: 7, Next to review: Greatest Hits - Finest Performances, Lost Treasures...Solid Gold, The Best Of The Vogues (Import), The Vogues (Mini Single), The Vogues' Greatest Hits, Turn Around, Look At Me - Till, Your're The One - The Best Of The Vogues

The Voice - Albums in database: 9, Next to review: Demo 2005, Get on the train, Happy, In Formation, Musical Soundtrack, Rage, Russell Watson, The Voice, Twisted Souls

The Void - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: Basement Tapes, Farewell, Lost In Time, Now, Pass the Ammunition

The Von Bondies - Albums in database: 9, Next to review: It Came From Japan CDs, Lack of Communication, Pawn Shoppe Heart, Raw and Rare, Tell Me What You See cd single

The W's - Albums in database: 7, Next to review: 3 Song EP, Demo de Rhino, Fourth From the Last (Prerelease), Fourth from the Last, Trouble with X

The Waifs - Albums in database: 23, Next to review: 2003-05-17 Jackson, MS; Jubilee Jam, 2006-08-03 The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA, A Brief History disc 1, A Brief History disc 2, A Brief History... (Disc 1), A Brief History... (Disc2), Lighthouse, London Still, Shelter Me, Sink or Swim, The Waifs, The Wairs, Up All Night, Up All Night CD 2

The Wailers - Albums in database: 20, Next to review: 12-2-73 + Best of, Burnin', Catch A Fire, Dub Marley, Heritage of Dub, Jah Message, Live (Recorded at the Norva in Norfolk, VA), Live In Jamaica, Live at the Matrix '73, Live in Jamaica, Majestic Warriors -1991, My Friends-Live 95-97, Reggae Greats, The Never Ending Wailers, The Wailers Live, The Wailers Live (Disc 2), The World... Reggae

The Wailers Band - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: I.D., Jah Message, Majestic Warriors

The Waiting - Albums in database: 8, Next to review: Blue Belly Sky, The Waiting, Tillburry Town, Unfazed, Wonderfully Made

The Wake - Albums in database: 12, Next to review: Assembly, Christine, Death-A-Holic, Harmony, Here Comes Everybody, Holyheads, Holyheads (Make It Loud [1991] + Tidal Wave Of Hype [1994]), Masked, Nine Ways, Ode to My Misery

The Wake-Up Crew - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Binges To Babble-On, Highlights And Lowlifes: Stuff That Didn't Suck In '96, Highlights And Lowlifes: Stuff That Didn't Suck In '96 (Disc 2), PC Whipped And Proud Of It, Premature Evacuation (Best of 2005), The Worst of the Wake-Up Crew

The Waldners - Albums in database: 5, Next to review: He Took My Place, He's my best friend, In love with the Lord, Thank you MAMA, The love of God

The Walkabouts - Albums in database: 32, Next to review: Acetylene, Airmail, Airmail (Live), All For This, CDR Tree Volume 6 (1) - Kulturladen KFZ, Marburg Germany \n1994-05-18, Dead Man Rise, Drown, Emona - live in Ljubljana - 26-1-2002, Ended Up a Stranger, Good Luck Morning, I'm Sorry, Jack Candy, Jewel Box Theatre Seattle, Komm doch tanz mit uns (CD1), Komm doch tanz mit uns (CD2), Mystery Mountain Chronicles, New West Motel, No you won't, Rag & Bone Plus Cataract, Satisfied Mind, Scavenger, See Beautiful Rattlesnake Gardens, Shimmers, Slow days with Nina, The Light Will Stay on, To Hell and Back: Live in Europe 1994, Trail of Stars, Your Hope Shines

The Walker Brothers - Albums in database: 19, Next to review: After The Lights Go Out, Anthology, Collection, Greatest Hits, If You Could Hear Me Now, In My Room (Japanese Compilation 1991), Land Of Thausand Dances, Make it Easy on Yourself, Nite Flights, No Regrets, Portrait, The Singles + (Disc 1), The Singles + (Disc 2), The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore, The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore - The Best Of Scott Walker & The Walker Brothers, The Walker Brothers

The Walkmen - Albums in database: 8, Next to review: A Hundred Miles Off, Bows & Arrows, Bows + Arrows, Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone, Little House Of Savages CD Single, Pussy Cats, The Walkmen

The Wallflowers - Albums in database: 39, Next to review: (Breach), (Breach) (Japan Edition), BSB 1998 Oct.17\\18., Be your own girl (Single), Breach, Breach Bonus Disc, Breach CD2, Breach: Bonus CD, Bringing Down the Horse, CD musicale personalizzato, Heroes (Single), Heroes (single), Like Father, Like Son, More Than The Best, One Headlight, Rebel, Sweetheart, Red Letter Days, The Norva 07-20-01 Disc 1, The Norva 07-20-01 Disc 2, The Wallflowers, Three Marlenas

The Wanderers - Albums in database: 6, Next to review: Comin' On Strong, Only Lovers Left Alive, Songs From The Gravel Roads, Soundtrack, The Wanderers