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Miklos Rozsa, Blood On The Sun

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Miklos Rozsa, Blood On The Sun CD cover artwork

Miklos Rozsa, Blood On The Sun

Audio CD

Disk ID: 2055414

Disk length: 54m 48s (21 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 1945

Label: Unknown

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“Blood On The Sun” Tracks & Durations

1. Main Title 2:45
2. Japanese Tea Garden 2:28
3. Tokyo Tea Room Waltz 1:52
4. Together Again 2:53
5. Hara-kiri 3:07
6. Love Scene 1:48
7. Doubtful Moment 0:53
8. Tokyo Carnival 1:42
9. Dangerous Love 2:08
10. Tatsugi's Death and The Fight 5:41
11. The Perilous Block 2:34
12. Finale 2:46
13. Tokyo Tea Room Waltz 1:51
14. The Boar House Waltz (from A WOMAN'S VENGEANCE) 2:11
15. Twilight's Waltz (from PROVIDENCE) 3:57
16. Waltz of the Happy Idiot (from TIP ON A DEAD JOCKEY) 2:07
17. Main Title (from GREEN FIRE) 2:02
18. Bouree (from MOONFLEET) 2:27
19. Notturno (from THE KILLERS and BRUTE FORCE) 4:37
20. The Christ Theme (from BEN-HUR) 2:12
21. Main Theme (from KING OF KINGS) 2:35

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Miklos Rozsa - Blood On The Sun

Tracks: 12 (-9 tracks), Disk length: 29m 53s (-25m 5s)