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Badi Assad, Verde

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Badi Assad, Verde CD cover artwork

Badi Assad, Verde

Audio CD

Disk ID: 26686

Disk length: 46m (14 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2004

Label: Unknown

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“Verde” Tracks & Durations

1. In my little white top 3:51
2. Nao adianta 3:03
3. One 4:40
4. Voce nao entendeu nada 4:10
5. Viola meu bem 1:37
6. O verde e maravilha 2:28
7. Feminina 2:00
8. Bachelorette 4:41
9. Seu delegado 2:35
10. Estrangeiro em mim 4:38
11. Bom dia tisteza 3:44
12. The being between 5:09
13. Valse d'amelie 2:09
14. Asa branca 1:08

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The talent of Badi Assad (pronounced Bah-Jee Ah-Sahj) seems to know no bounds. The Brazilian has won guitar awards as a prodigy and as an acknowledged master, yet she's got an almost Bobby McFerrin-like versatility to her voice and musical heritage that covers the breadth of Brazilian musical styles. On Verde she shows off a little of everything: reaching from nearly unrecognizable covers of current pop songs by Bjork ("Bachlorette") and U2 ("One") to new renditions of Brazilian classics like "Bom Dia Tristeza." Her Brazilian sensuality comes out on the bossa nova "In My Little White Top," and she displays the dramatic flair of a flamenco singer on "Voce Nao Entendeu Nada." Whichever direction she goes, she brings a trickster-like joyfulness that comes when musical mastery is childĀ¹s play Each wrinkle of her musical personality is simply another facet of her inner core. Indeed one imagines that this woman not only dreams in color, but also with a Technicolor soundtrack. -- Tad Hendrickson

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Badi Assad - Verde

Tracks: 16 (+2 tracks), Disk length: 54m 19s (+8m 19s)

Badi Assad - Verde

Tracks: 17 (+3 tracks), Disk length: 54m 39s (+8m 39s)