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Various, The Tarantino Connection Vol.2

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Various, The Tarantino Connection Vol.2 CD cover artwork

Various, The Tarantino Connection Vol.2

Audio CD

Disk ID: 757193

Disk length: 56m 59s (18 Tracks)

Original Release Date: Unknown

Label: Unknown

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“The Tarantino Connection Vol.2” Tracks & Durations

1. Arantino)// (JACKIE BRAUN) 0:55
2. Elliot easton's tiki gods//"monte carlo nights"//(JACKIE BRAUN) 3:29
3. Los lobos //"bucho gracias/navajas attacks"//(DESPERADO) 3:59
4. Cafe tacuba //el punal y el corazon//CURDLED 4:25
5. Ricky nelson //"lonesome town"// (PULP FICTION) 2:16
6. Blue swede //" hooken on a feeling "// (RESERVOUR DOGS) 2:58
7. Leonard cohen //"the fuure"// (NATURAL BORN KILLERS) 3:50
8. Corazon)// (DESPERADO) 2:09
9. Joseph julian gonzalez //cumbia de surf// (CURDLED) 0:50
10. Bobby womack //across 110 th streect// (JACKIE BROWN) 3:52
11. Tito & tarantula // after dark // (FROM DUCK TILL DAWN) 4:15
12. The conturians // "gullwinkle part"// (PULP FICTION) 2:35
13. Los lobos // mariachi suite// (DESPERADO) 4:24
14. Slash //obsession confession// (CURDLED) 5:42
15. Bob dylan // you belong to me// (NATURAL BORN KILLERS) 3:14
16. Rosana // el talisman// (CURDLED) 3:41
17. The lively ones //surf rider// (PULP FICTION) 3:23
18. ON) 0:52

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Various - The Tarantino Connection Vol.2

Tracks: 18, Disk length: 56m 58s (-1m 59s)