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THE CORAL, The Invisible Invasion

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THE CORAL, The Invisible Invasion CD cover artwork

THE CORAL, The Invisible Invasion

Audio CD

Disk ID: 5801

Disk length: 46m 16s (14 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2005

Label: Unknown

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“The Invisible Invasion” Tracks & Durations

1. She Sings The Mourning 3:08
2. Cripples Crown 3:38
3. So Long Ago 2:42
4. The Operater 2:20
5. A Warning To The Curious 3:56
6. In The Morning 2:33
7. Something Inside Of Me 2:26
8. Come Home 4:14
9. Far From The crowd 3:39
10. Leaving Today 3:08
11. Arabian Sand 4:02
12. Late Afternoon 3:55
13. Gina Jones 3:30
14. Leeslunchboxbyblueleadandthevelcrounderpants 2:57

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On their fourth outing, the Coral are anything but obvious or heavy-handed. On the contrary, delicacy and understatement define the British septet's latest. The 1960s shake hands with the 1980s in their wistful pop, yet they never--or very rarely, at any rate--come across as a retro act. At their best, they sound like Madness circa "Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)" (must be that organ) or Echo & the Bunnymen circa "Lips Like Sugar" (James Skelly could be Ian McCulloch's little brother). With its chugging, train-like rhythm and haunting chorus, "She Sings the Mourning" sounds like the theme to a lost Tom Courtenay film, while the enchanting "So Long Ago" evokes Sondre Lerche's gentle folk-pop. Then there are others, like the perfectly pleasant "Leaving Today" and "Come Home," where the Coral almost cross that fine line dividing tasteful from dull, but there are no real duds on The Invisible Invasion. --Kathleen C. Fennessy