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Supersuckers, Must've Been High

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Supersuckers, Must've Been High CD cover artwork

Supersuckers, Must've Been High

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1569057

Disk length: 35m 42s (13 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 1997

Label: Unknown

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“Must've Been High” Tracks & Durations

1. Must've been high 2:11
2. Dead in the water 2:16
3. Barricade 3:24
4. Roamin' round 3:06
5. Hungover together 4:08
6. Non addictive marijuana 2:49
7. The captain 3:07
8. Blow you away 1:55
9. Roadworm and weary 3:31
10. Hangin'out with me 2:23
11. Juicy pureballs 1:53
12. One cigarette away 2:50
13. Hangliders 2:00

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Let me be the first to take the Supersuckers to task for making their worst record yet: a "bona fide" country album. Problem is this sounds like the 'Suckers learned how to play country via some correspondence course advertised in the back of the Austin Chronicle. Musically, the songs are shamefully rote and remedial, and are only marginally saved by contributions from real country session musicians. The lyrics aren't particularly inspiring either, ranging from typical drugs and drinking fodder ("Non-addictive Marijuana" and "Hungover Together"--a Best Kissers in the World cover) to cliched hacks such as "Dead in the Water." I've got no problem with bands taking a new direction, as long as they can pull it off with some aplomb. The Supersuckers have always been masters of yer basic three-chord punk rock anthems, but they're in way over their heads on Must've Been High, where their limitations become very obvious: They just don't know how to write good, heartfelt country tunes. And while a guest appearance by Willie Nelson might be good for credibility, it really doesn't help this awful record one single lick. --Adem Tepedelen

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Supersuckers - Must've Been High

Tracks: 14 (+1 tracks), Disk length: 39m 48s (+4m 6s)

Supersuckers - Must've Been High

Tracks: 13, Disk length: 40m 4s (+4m 22s)