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Southpacific, Constance

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Southpacific, Constance CD cover artwork

Southpacific, Constance

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1236476

Disk length: 1h 1m 38s (14 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 1999

Label: Unknown

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“Constance” Tracks & Durations

1. Blue lotus 4:14
2. Parallel lines 4:19
3. E10 @ 182 7:11
4. Alamo 3:12
5. Analogue 9 5:33
6. Round (forget what you feel) 2:19
7. Built to last 3:53
8. A better life since 1:49
9. Stay ahead, far behind 5:15
10. Pintail gate 5:27
11. Automata 3:23
12. Instrumental 5:47
13. Telegraph hill 4:55
14. Aria 4:12

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All instrumental except for one song (and even then, the vocals are barely there at all), Southpacific's debut record is a slow-motion feedback loop, with shoegazer guitars swirling around whispery, half-suggested harmonies. Hypnotizing and noisily repetitive, the sound bears a resemblance to My Bloody Valentine's Loveless-era, fuzzbox-overload approach, but there's a quieter energy at the heart of these songs. While flirting with the fringes of glum, lonely-guy rock, the band's music still has its head too high in the clouds to be morose or "sadcore" in the vein of Codeine or emotionally naked like Red House Painters. Short pearls of bright melodic snippets ("Alamo") mix with sleepy and repetitive dirges ("E10@182"), all wrapped up in a sense of vastness, like the ocean of the band's namesake. Indie rockers will hear traces of dark, challenging guitar bands such as Slint, Mogwai, and last year's excellent Life in a Bubble Can Be Beautiful record by Red Stars Theory, but this band works in giant swathes of hazy, major-chord key structures. While they can be subtle, the preference is for a sweeping, musical tone and intensely listenable melodies. Too elusive and ambitious for easy classifications, Southpacific show off dizzying talent and a unique brand of amplified grandeur, managing once again to reinvent the beauty that dwells within rows of guitar pedals. --Matthew CookeSouth Pacific Deliver DEEP, Reverberating Notes Broadcast for Minutes Until They Happily Fade in the Shimmering Guitar Drones and Simple Rhythms and Structures.