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Sade, Best of Sade

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Sade, Best of Sade CD cover artwork

Sade, Best of Sade

Audio CD

Disk ID: 214575

Disk length: 1h 10m 57s (15 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2001

Label: Unknown

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“Best of Sade” Tracks & Durations

1. Your Love is King 3:44
2. Hang on to Your Love 4:32
3. Smooth Operator 4:17
4. Jezebel 5:27
5. Sweetest Tabu 4:26
6. Is It a Crime 6:19
7. Never As Good As the First Time 4:00
8. Love Is Stronger Than Pride 4:20
9. Nothing Can Come Between Us 3:54
10. No Ordinary Love 7:21
11. Kiss of Life 3:39
12. Like a Tattoo 4:12
13. Plese Send Me Someone to Love 3:43
14. Cherish the Day 6:19
15. Pearls 4:35

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With her exotic beauty and steamy voice, Sade couldn't help but be a star. Taking the more sensuous elements of island beats, smooth jazz, and R&B, Sade scored major hits with the continental feel of "Smooth Operator" and the sultry stylization of "Your Love Is King." Her voice was often criticized for being thin, yet she made it work to her advantage with songs like the haunting "Jezebel," on which her delivery added the vulnerability necessary to the song. Sade sounded best when she stuck to the lower register, and there is nothing thin about her dynamic handling of her torch song "Is It a Crime." "The Sweetest Taboo" was one of her last great moments before years of mediocrity, chronicled here by the lifeless "Stronger Than Pride" and the limp "Nothing Can Come Between Us." "No Ordinary Love" was a return to form with the smoky richness back in her vocals and the urban/island feel of her first release. Best of Sade goes right up to her hit "Pearls," which, remixed, became a dance floor hit. The nicest surprise here is "Please Send Me Someone to Love," with Sade proving that although her range may be limited vocally, she doesn't suffer the same fate artistically. --Steve Gdula1999 reissue of this best-selling title in 48 page digi-book packaging featuring many unpublished photos and a careeranalysis written by some of today's finest music critics. The CD contains all 16 of the tracks from the orginal release, including 'Smooth Operator', 'The Sweetest Taboo', 'Love Is Stronger Than Pride' and 'Paradise'.

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Sade - Best of Sade

Tracks: 16 (+1 tracks), Disk length: 1h 14m 24s (+3m 27s)

Sade - Best of Sade

Tracks: 16 (+1 tracks), Disk length: 1h 16m 50s (+5m 53s)

Sade - Best of Sade

Tracks: 1 (-14 tracks), Disk length: 4m 13s (-67m 16s)