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Rusty McHugh & Mike Fincher, Down & Out In Paradise

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Rusty McHugh & Mike Fincher, Down & Out In Paradise CD cover artwork

Rusty McHugh & Mike Fincher, Down & Out In Paradise

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1544748

Disk length: 43m 15s (15 Tracks)

Original Release Date: Unknown

Label: Unknown

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“Down & Out In Paradise” Tracks & Durations

1. Stuck In This Shithole With You 3:05
2. Hey, Lady! Please Don't Show Those Tits 2:17
3. I Get My Women At The Waffle House 2:10
4. Walmart II - The Return 3:51
5. Pucker Up Dixie & Give Me A Kiss 4:10
6. I Went Home With A Mermaid & Woke Up With A Manatee 2:15
7. Wild Ass Women 2:05
8. On A Bus Back To Bermingham 5:25
9. What The F**k Were We Thinking 2:47
10. A Bloody Mary & Two Short Straws 2:07
11. Down & Out In Paradise 3:31
12. I Always Get Battered When She Gets Fried 2:05
13. I Can't Wait 'Til I Sober Up So I Can Get Drunk Again 2:50
14. The Mullet Toss Song 1:40
15. Audience Comments 2:48

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Rusty McHugh & Mike Fincher - Down & Out In Paradise

Tracks: 15, Disk length: 44m 11s (+0m 56s)