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Pram, North Pole Radio Station

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Pram, North Pole Radio Station CD cover artwork

Pram, North Pole Radio Station

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1116904

Disk length: 42m 17s (9 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2003

Label: Unknown

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“North Pole Radio Station” Tracks & Durations

1. Omnichord 5:46
2. Cinnabar 4:58
3. El Topo 3:44
4. Bathysphere 2:44
5. Fallen Snow 5:24
6. The Clockwork Lighthouse 4:45
7. Sleepy Sweet 7:10
8. Cow Ghosts 2:43
9. The Doors of Empty Cupboards 4:58

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North Pole Radio Station sounds like the ghost of an album that came before it, like something Edith Piaf recorded during her salad days--if she spent her salad days with the Residents. The same loopy, seasick blips and sparkles that the men with the eyeball heads thrived on for so long has been merged with Parisian lounge music. It may remind you of Combustible Edison (CE's guitarist is called the Millionaire, Pram's is the Colonel. Hmmm...), but Pram aren't out to make the lounge scene. The hypnotic drones made by this seven-piece group are too creepy for cocktails and too lonely to make an appearance at the martini bar. Pram take their time, twirling an idle finger around the inside of a glass of absinthe in preparation for the disasters life is concocting. Easy listening? More like eerie listening, deceptively pleasant but bound to keep you up late. --Jason Josephes

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Pram - North Pole Radio Station

Tracks: 9, Disk length: 42m 1s (-1m 44s)