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Pavement, Terror Twilight

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Pavement, Terror Twilight CD cover artwork

Pavement, Terror Twilight

Audio CD

Disk ID: 994782

Disk length: 53m 42s (14 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 1999

Label: Unknown

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“Terror Twilight” Tracks & Durations

1. Spit on a Stranger 3:03
2. Folk Jam 3:34
3. You Are a Light 3:54
4. Cream of Gold 3:47
5. Major Leagues 3:25
6. Platform Blues 4:42
7. Ann Don't Cry 4:09
8. Billie 3:44
9. Speak, See, Remember 4:20
10. The Hexx 5:36
11. Carrot Rope 3:55
12. Roll With the Wind 3:15
13. Harness Your Hopes 3:26
14. The Porpoise and the Hand Grenade 2:44

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Always acknowledged as sloppy, laissez-faire geniuses of the indie set, Pavement continue to refine their singles-to-noise ratio on Terror Twilight. Working with Beck and Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, the lyrics remain inscrutable, but the songs, which opened up slightly on Brighten the Corners, finally begin to reveal themselves. --Randy SilverTerror Twilight is Pavement's fifth proper studio album and perhaps their most confident effort to date. Opening with the surprisingly subdued leadoff single, the sinewy-sweet "Spit on a Stranger" (which sounds like the Velvet Underground after a couple of cartwheels), it's clear that Pavement is in no hurry to re-create Slanted and Enchanted's fractured and raw indie-pop. Instead of short bursts of jive poetry and razor guitars, the band opts for slightly longer songs with more subdued sonic explorations. Still, Terror Twilight never quite veers off into predictable directions; the boys' talent continues to confound expectations. Unforeseenly unironic heartstrings seem to be the thing these days for Pavement. This album boasts their finest ballads to date--"Major Leagues" and "Stranger"--but the days of fiery songs like "No Life for Ginger" may be over. Malkmus and crew seem to be heading in the same avant-pop direction as Built to Spill. But while Pavement may be more laid-back, they're still standing firm. Terror Twilight could be the bedrock upon which they build the rest of their career. --Jason Josephes 5th album by this U.S. alternative act, their first to use a 24 track studio and Nigel Godrich for production (Radiohead/Beck). Matador Records.

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