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Howe Gelb, Sno Angel Like You

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Howe Gelb, Sno Angel Like You CD cover artwork

Howe Gelb, Sno Angel Like You

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1224442

Disk length: 45m 6s (14 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2006

Label: Unknown

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“Sno Angel Like You” Tracks & Durations

1. Get To Leave 2:55
2. Paradise Here Abouts 2:09
3. But I Did Not 4:11
4. Hey Man 2:40
5. The Farm 4:00
6. That's How Things Get Done 3:15
7. Love Knows (No Borders) 3:24
8. The Voice Within 1:10
9. Nail In The Sky 2:52
10. Howlin' A Gale 4:24
11. Robes Of Bible Black 2:25
12. Worried Spirits 3:10
13. Neon Filler 4:54
14. Chore Of Enchantment 3:29

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On 'Sno Angel Like You, peripatetically wry songsmith Howe Gelb delves into another rack of dustblown songs that tug at the heart and head equally. For the first 23 seconds you might feel like you've heard this album before, as he languidly free rambles this choice lyric: "Make sure your baby's well tucked in a blanket in the basket of a backseat of a wagon that don't run on air." That's when the new wrinkle enters: the Voice of Praise Gospel Choir. They give Gelb's acoustic guitar-fronted musings a magic carpet--a riff machine that does call-and-response beautifully and then just sets up background vocal waves that give the semi-sparse 'Sno Angel the barometric luster of Nick Cave's Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus. --Andrew BartlettHowe recorded this record with the help of a Canadian gospel choir called Voices Of Praise, but this isn't gospel music. Said Gelb, "It was a grand experiment to see if we could mesh the sounds of the muck I make with the dizzying effect of the glorious sound [the choir] makes." While recording during an Ottowa winter, Howe was inspired by the drastic beauty of snow and a cold not often felt in Tucson. The image of a snow angel stuck with him as a symbol for the record and what he was trying to create. Arcade Fire drummer Jeremy Gara contributed, helping Howe in old-school, Giant Sand fashion: just laying down guitar and drums, after which the gospel choir arranged themselves on the tracks. This record includes seven new songs, three old Giant Sand tunes Gelb always felt begged for a choir, and three Rainer Ptacek songs.