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Gehenna, Ww

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Gehenna, Ww CD cover artwork

Gehenna, Ww

Audio CD

Disk ID: 292226

Disk length: 36m 50s (8 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2005

Label: Unknown

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“Ww” Tracks & Durations

1. Grenade Prayer 3:49
2. Death to Them All 3:46
3. New Blood 3:26
4. Flames of the Pit 4:17
5. Silence the Earth 4:24
6. Werewolf 6:19
7. Abattoir 3:57
8. Pallbearer 6:46

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These might have been a four year gap between Gehenna's offering, "WW" and their last "Murder" but the band, recently having unleashed a triumphant live show by: Larm in their native Stavanger, for which UK magazine Terrorizer described the band at the gig embracing the necro stench of true black metal primitivism is now back and stronger than ever. Gone are the death metal elements in favour of those crepuscular, black metal soundscapes that made Gehenna one of the black metal pioneers back in the early ninties - the more somber sound that shaped black metal as it is known today. 'WW' brings a chunk of the past into the future. It's primitive sound forcefully blends in perfect disharmony with the dangerous and caliginous style of the material. This is a marriage made in hell that wages war itself and its surrounding. Phduk.2006These Might have Been a Four Year Gap Between Gehenna's Offering, "ww" and their Last "Murder" but the Band, Recently Having Unleashed a Triumphant Live Show By: Larm in their Native Stavanger, for which UK Magazine Terrorizer Described the Band at the Gig Embracing the Necro Stench of True Black Metal Primitivism is Now Back and Stronger Than Ever. Gone Are the Death Metal Elements in Favour of Those Crepuscular, Black Metal Soundscapes that Made Gehenna One of the Black Metal Pioneers Back in the Early Ninties - the More Somber Sound that Shaped Black Metal as it is Known Today. 'ww' Brings a Chunk of the Past Into the Future. It's Primitive Sound Forcefully Blends in Perfect Disharmony with the Dangerous and Caliginous Style of the Material. This is a Marriage Made in Hell that Wages War Itself and Its Surrounding.