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Frank Sinatra, Hello Young Lovers

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Frank Sinatra, Hello Young Lovers CD cover artwork

Frank Sinatra, Hello Young Lovers

Audio CD

Disk ID: 926895

Disk length: 1h 12m 57s (24 Tracks)

Original Release Date: Unknown

Label: Unknown

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“Hello Young Lovers” Tracks & Durations

1. Hello young lovers 3:35
2. Farewell, farewell to love 2:56
3. Walkin' in the sunshine 2:45
4. Azure 'te (Paris blues) 2:39
5. Mad about you 3:18
6. I concentrate on you 3:07
7. I dream of you (more than you dream I do) 3:12
8. We just couldn't say goodbye 3:09
9. I am loved 2:30
10. You do something to me 2:36
11. The music stopped 3:03
12. We kiss in a shadow 3:38
13. You're y girl 3:15
14. Sunday, Monday or always 3:19
15. The right girl for me 3:10
16. Almost like being in love 2:42
17. There but for you go I 3:09
18. Falling in love with love 2:49
19. How cute can yo be 2:47
20. I only have eyes for you 3:15
21. That old black magic 2:37
22. That's how much I love you 3:10
23. Always 3:03
24. You'll never know 2:58

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Frank Sinatra - Hello Young Lovers

Tracks: 24, Disk length: 1h 12m 57s

Frank Sinatra - Hello Young Lovers

Tracks: 20 (-4 tracks), Disk length: 44m 24s (-29m 27s)