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Dusminguet, Vafalungo

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Dusminguet, Vafalungo CD cover artwork

Dusminguet, Vafalungo

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1536746

Disk length: 1h 14m (16 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 1998

Label: Unknown

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“Vafalungo” Tracks & Durations

1. Sonajeros 3:40
2. Jacqueline 3:05
3. África 2:53
4. Les Ampolles 3:41
5. Siento 4:31
6. One Way 4:55
7. Le Cha-Cha-Chá 2:53
8. Marihuana 3:30
9. José 4:58
10. Babilonia 3:57
11. Habibi 3:43
12. Disco Jonki 2:48
13. El Pardal 4:07
14. Se va, se va... Far Away From Campo 2:45
15. Ai Mari 7:59
16. Data Track14:23

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The Band from Spanish Trendy Label Cheowaka (Manu Chao, Sergent Garcia). They Are Blowing Out Musical Frontiers Fusing Rock, Salsa, Ska, Reggae and Rap While Singing in Spanish, French, Portuguese Or Arabic.

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Dusminguet - Vafalungo

Tracks: 15 (-1 tracks), Disk length: 57m 34s (-17m 34s)

Dusminguet - Vafalungo

Tracks: 15 (-1 tracks), Disk length: 57m 4s (-17m 4s)