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Cato Salsa Experience, A Good Tip for a Good Time

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Cato Salsa Experience, A Good Tip for a Good Time CD cover artwork

Cato Salsa Experience, A Good Tip for a Good Time

Audio CD

Disk ID: 762470

Disk length: 36m 17s (11 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2000

Label: Unknown

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“A Good Tip for a Good Time” Tracks & Durations

1. Listen To Me Daddy'O 2:33
2. So, The Circus Is Back In Town 2:59
3. M.F. 3:00
4. Lucky Girl 2:50
5. I Can Give You Anything 4:34
6. Deadbeat 3:27
7. Move On 2:35
8. High Heeled Leather Boots 3:10
9. Time To Freak Ou 3:57
10. Tanquaray 3:08
11. Albert Bones Electric Meal 3:57

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Hey, dumbfounded! Close your mouth--it's hanging open. Now dance. This band could beat you down like a punk, but they aren't going to--instead they'll get you riled up with a fervor that you haven't seen since 1967. I'll amend that: this album is from a time capsule, but it isn't as simple as listing a year or a place or even an influence. Just know that if you were in a gymnasium for a high-school dance, all would go awry if any one of these songs played--everyone sweaty and running their stockings and rolling their eyes toward heaven and shaking everything they got. Who are they like? Jon Spencer if he'd take his tongue out of his damn cheek. The Monkees, but sneering, with broken bottlenecks clutched in hand. This is sound collage before cut-and-paste, and Cato have taken nothing but the best. Let this be the soundtrack to your summer, before some major beer company snaps them up for an ad campaign. --Laura EtlingDebut US release from this Oslo band. Kerrang gave the album 5 stars saying, 'As 60's garage rock goes, you won't find and better purveyors of the sound than these fuzzy-riffed funsters'. Includes a bonus enhanced video to 'So, The Circus Is Back In Town' along with a US only bonus track, 'Got Soul If You Want It'. Emperor Norton 2002 release.

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Cato Salsa Experience - A Good Tip for a Good Time

Tracks: 13 (+2 tracks), Disk length: 47m 5s (+10m 48s)