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Brassy, Got It Made

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Brassy, Got It Made CD cover artwork

Brassy, Got It Made

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1198213

Disk length: 41m 38s (17 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2000

Label: Unknown

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“Got It Made” Tracks & Durations

1. In 0:11
2. No Competition 2:20
3. Parkside 3:29
4. Work It Out 2:50
5. That's the Way 3:59
6. Lvs.S 0:58
7. I Can't Wait 2:54
8. You Got It 2:42
9. Who Stole the Show 3:38
10. Play Some D 3:34
11. Nervous 1:50
12. Good Times 2:21
13. Put You Right 3:38
14. Micstyle 0:19
15. I Gotta Beef 2:00
16. B'Cos We Rock 3:23
17. B.R.A.S.S.Y. 1:21

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Brassy's immediate claim to fame is that they're led by one Muffin Spencer, younger sister of blues-strangling, pants-on-fire rock reverend Jon Spencer. And anyone picking up Got It Made in the hopes of hearing a family resemblance won't be disappointed; with a wink and a snarl, Muffin shoots down inflated egos with the same swaggering, hey-baby-I'm-in-charge strut as the elder Spencer. (They must have played King of the Hill a lot as kids.) And, like her bro, she's fond of shouting her band's name; "No Competition" declares "No-THING can com-PETE with the B-R-A-double-S-Y!" Musically, though, she's running a different show, leading her London-based band through an elastic, sampladelic blend of rock and electronic hip-hop that owes much to Luscious Jackson and the Beastie Boys but distinguishes itself with catchy repetitions and Muffin's call-and-response vocals with her band mates. ("Who stole the show?" "We stole the show!") The CD as a whole is a bit short on actual songs but unrelentingly fun and funky; you'll appreciate Got It Made at your next unstoppable 2 a.m. party or long drive to a hot beach. --Lisa GidleyDebut full length featuring Muffin Spencer (sister of Blues Explosion frontman, Jon Spencer) on vocals and guitars. Digi-pack release with full colour fold-out panel. Melody Maker said of Muffin Spencer, '...Is utterly Magnetic-Lungs of Mercury, presence of Venus'. Limited Edition Digipak. 17 Tracks of Pure Enjoyment and Fun.

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Brassy - Got It Made

Tracks: 20 (+3 tracks), Disk length: 48m 18s (+6m 40s)