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BR5-49, Big Backyard Beat Show

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BR5-49, Big Backyard Beat Show CD cover artwork

BR5-49, Big Backyard Beat Show

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1566453

Disk length: 41m 21s (14 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 1998

Label: Unknown

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“Big Backyard Beat Show” Tracks & Durations

1. There Goes My Love 2:10
2. Wild One 2:34
3. Hurtin' Song 2:42
4. Out Of Habit 2:28
5. Storybook Endings (If You Stop Believin') 3:18
6. 18 Wheels And A Crowbar 4:58
7. Pain, Pain Go Away 2:24
8. You Are Never Nice To Me 2:46
9. Goodbye, Maria 3:45
10. Seven Nights To Rock 2:48
11. My Name Is Mudd 3:14
12. You Flew The Coop 2:23
13. Change The Way I Look 2:39
14. Georgia On A Fast Train 3:04

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Big Backyard Beat Show is aptly named, since it takes the down-home retro twang of BR5-49's earlier releases and punches it up with big, old-school rock & roll beats. That doesn't make this record any less country, though; these boys know that rock & roll was country all along. To wit, rollicking covers of "Wild One" and "Seven Nights to Rock" are hillbilly boogie and rockabilly, respectively, only with the guitars--both electric and pedal-steel--cranked and twisted to contemporary levels. The only real weakness here is that the originals of frontmen Chuck Mead and Gary Bennett aren't as strong this time around as last, but even then the shuffle "My Name Is Mudd" and the driving "You Are Never Nice to Me" come awfully darn close. --David Cantwell

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BR5-49 - Big Backyard Beat Show

Tracks: 14, Disk length: 41m 10s (-1m 49s)

BR5-49 - Big Backyard Beat Show

Tracks: 13 (-1 tracks), Disk length: 39m 17s (-3m 56s)