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Arachnes, Apocalypse

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Arachnes, Apocalypse CD cover artwork

Arachnes, Apocalypse

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1225264

Disk length: 53m 2s (16 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2006

Label: Unknown

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“Apocalypse” Tracks & Durations

1. The Concept of Time and Space 0:34
2. Decisive Battle 2:08
3. Apocalypse 4:29
4. Prayer (part 1) 1:22
5. Prayer (part 2) 3:43
6. My Destiny 4:14
7. A New Breathing 3:43
8. Decisive Battle (reprise) 1:57
9. Tango 3:27
10. The Rain Song 4:44
11. Forever 3:49
12. The Blade of my Brain 3:43
13. The Dreamer 4:13
14. The Power of God 3:57
15. Realm of Spirits 6:36
16. (protection data track) 0:07

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Third album from Italian power-speed veterans, the material is more direct and heavier in the Arachnes history and as always will be marked by the superb guitar works of Franco Caruso and the high-class melodic vocals of Enzo Caruso. Scarlet. 2002.

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Arachnes - Apocalypse

Tracks: 15 (-1 tracks), Disk length: 50m 24s (-3m 22s)