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Ann Sweeten, Sapphire Days

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Ann Sweeten, Sapphire Days CD cover artwork

Ann Sweeten, Sapphire Days

Audio CD

Disk ID: 633144

Disk length: 50m 11s (13 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2002

Label: Unknown

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“Sapphire Days” Tracks & Durations

1. Walking With The Wind 3:59
2. Thin Ice 4:22
3. Sapphire Days 3:01
4. A Prayer For Shazu 3:40
5. Solitude 3:16
6. Smoke 2:52
7. In The Shadows 4:15
8. Cotton Candy Skies 5:28
9. White Spirit 3:56
10. Arrow 3:28
11. Grains Of Sand 4:22
12. Autumn's Child 2:54
13. Canopy Of Stars 4:30

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You know the ones…not a cloud graces a sky so blue that it aches and the sun seems to sprinkle everything with magic dust. You've seen them in Winter when the sun flickers against a silvered landscape, in Spring, when the first brave flower bursts through the snow to feel the sun's warmth for the first time in a year, in Summer when the water glitters like gemstones and in Autumn, when Midas lurks around every tree and the slight chill in the air ignites our energies and reminds us of approaching Winter, completing the circle.

These Sapphire days are the standouts, the gems of our lives, which we should savor and treasure in our minds and hearts. But, if you really think about it, every single day has the potential to be a sapphire day, even without the blues and golds, for there is treasure everywhere, if you know how to look!

That's what the concept behind this album is.. So, I hope you will count the grains of sand, revel in the cotton candy floating overhead, see that which lies in the shadows, and reach to the stars while walking with the wind on a sapphire day!