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Anberlin, Never Take Friendship Personal

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Anberlin, Never Take Friendship Personal CD cover artwork

Anberlin, Never Take Friendship Personal

Audio CD

Disk ID: 638805

Disk length: 42m 1s (12 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2005

Label: Unknown

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“Never Take Friendship Personal” Tracks & Durations

1. Never Take Friendship Personal 3:31
2. Paperthin Hymn 3:15
3. Stationary Stationery 2:58
4. (The Symphony Of) Blasé 4:21
5. A Day Late 3:25
6. The Runaways 3:20
7. Time & Confusion 3:23
8. The Feel Good Drag 3:25
9. Audrey, Start The Revolutio 3:22
10. A Heavy Hearted Work Of Staggering Genius 1:12
11. Dance, Dance Christa Päffgen 9:38
12. Data 0:05

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There's only one word that comes immediately to mind when describing Anberlin's Never Take Friendship Personal release. The word? Amazing. This is one of those truly remarkable releases that is so refreshing, so defining, and so well done, you will feel a need to let every know about it. Much like Switchfoot's The Beautiful Letdown and D.C. Talk's Jesus Freak, Anberlin's second release captures the musical styles of the day but recasts them in a unique and exciting way. Much credit up front should go to producer Aaron Sprinkle, who never lets the music overshadow Steven Christian's emotive alto vocals. Joseph Milligan's guitar work is nothing short of phenomenal and propels such blistering tracks like "Paperthin Hymn," "Runaways," and "Feel Good Drag." Let's not forget the rock-steady rhythm from drummer Nathan Young and bassist Deon Rexroat that continually lays down a concrete foundation. Also worthy of note is the intelligent songwriting that prevails throughout the release, showing that Christian-based bands don't always check their brains at the studio door. Moody at times, exhilarating at others, this is a giant leap forward for a relative newcomer in Christian music. It's also a release worthy of widespread acclaim and a breath of fresh air in a genre that is sadly growing all too predictable. --Michael Lyttle

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Anberlin - Never Take Friendship Personal

Tracks: 11 (-1 tracks), Disk length: 39m 26s (-3m 25s)

Anberlin - Never Take Friendship Personal

Tracks: 11 (-1 tracks), Disk length: 39m 24s (-3m 23s)