Albums: Reveal - Friction

R.E.M. - Reveal

Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla

Simple Minds - Live in the City of Light

James Taylor - Dad Loves His Work

Aqua - Barbie Girl

Curved Air - Air Conditioning

Squarepusher - Music Is Rotted One Note

Huey Lewis And The News - Sports

Autumnal - In My Shell

Various - Extreme Days - The Soundtrack

Dandi Wind - Concrete Igloo

Various - Pagan Love Songs

BFH - The Gate

Led Zeppelin - Earls Court

Alegria Geral 2 - O Melhor Do Axé

Almoe - Kicks Monkey

OOMP - Megamix

Various - Delicious Tunes

Bon Jovi - This left seems right

CYZ - Littlefishdublongwatersamba

Frederic Chateau - Must (compilation)

Considerable Jesus - For Fun and Prophet

Various Artists - In The Cole Mind [Disc 2]

Boz Scaggs - Billboard Hits U.S.A.

Nude - Bent as a Dali

Various - Hardplace Singles-Box September 2004

The Earwigs/Princess Army Wedding Combat - Enter The Killer Otaking!!!/Nevada

Don Knotts Overdrive - Juggernaut

Harmonia do Samba - Ao Viv

Five Iron Frenzy - Farewell C'Stone

The Soundtrack of Our Lives - <>

Princessa - (You Just) Believe In You (Single)

Burial Sarkikos - Victory on diabolic rites

Subtle - Introducing

Various Artists - Lords of Dogtown - Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Boerenzonen Op Speed - 100 EMO(200 AMU)

NO END TO THIS - Handgrenades and roses for you

Los Muertos De Cristo - La gran estafa del rock 'n' roll

The Everly Brothers - Cadence Classics (Their 20 Greatest Hits)

The Green Onions - The Green Onions

Todd Fadel - Kindred Spearmint

Raymzter - Rayacties

The Solo Men Only - Hot Shi

George Harrison - Completed Rarities Vol. 1

Swedish Egil - Alternative Mix

Verlaines - Juvenilia

Various - Rock Stars Volume III

Compliments of Gus - Live at Baker Street

Big Audio Dynamite - Kool - Aid

Breach - Friction